Five Exciting New Developments Concerning Amaryllis

Five Exciting New Developments Concerning Amaryllis

There is a diverse selection of amaryllis bulbs, each of which possesses a quality that sets it apart from the others. Amaryllis bulbs are easy to cultivate at home and provide several benefits to any garden or miniature garden they are planted in. Flower delivery Kuala Lumpur is also simple to cultivate. Amaryllis bulbs are easy to cultivate in almost any place on the planet and can be done so at home without causing undue stress or incurring excessive fees.

  • Wax-coated bulbs do not require any further watering

Because they do not need any watering at all, amaryllis is the ideal plant for people who don’t have a lot of time to tend to their plants because they bloom continuously throughout the year. The waxed amaryllis blooms do not require water or soil since the wax acts as a barrier to prevent moisture loss and the bulb already has all of the nutrients necessary for blooming. 

  • Flowers, particularly the amaryllis, have long been seen as representations of love and beauty

According to what the Greeks thought, the flowers bloomed from the blood of the nymph Amaryllis. The beautiful flowers were the key to her success in capturing his affection. This ancient flower is still used to depict love and beauty in modern times.

  • It’s not just black and white; there’s a whole spectrum of colors to choose from

Our huge amaryllis bulbs come in a variety of colors, ranging from the darkest and most vivid shade of crimson (Carance) to a delicate, pastel shade of pink (Apple Blossom) and a coral hue (Minerva). View the whole list of flavors that are available here.

  • The size of an amaryllis bulb can vary substantially

Light bulbs can store a certain quantity of energy; the amount of energy that can be stored is proportional to the bulb’s size. Amaryllis plants produce gigantic bulbs that bloom in spring. WhiteOnWhite ’s farms in Peru produce some of the largest bulbs found anywhere in the world. In around two to three years, the bulbs will have matured to the appropriate size for WhiteOnWhite. Our bulbs with a diameter of 28 centimeters or more produce many flowering stalks, each of which has three to four blooms.

  • The amaryllis flowers once more at the end of each year

If you take care of these bulbs properly, you will be able to admire their beauty year after year. If you consider our recommendations, you will be able to coax your Giant Amaryllis into producing a second bloom after the first one has finished blooming. Regarding the Huge Amaryllis Plant That We Waxed: It is more difficult to conserve waxed Amaryllis bulbs and replant them successfully, but it is not impossible to do so. Watching this video will provide you with instructions on how to remove and replant the bulb.

WhiteOnWhite has produced variations that bloom at all times of the year, whereas before they were only linked with the winter holidays. Visit our shop to take a look at the Amaryllis bulbs we currently have available for happy birthday flowers.

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