Persuasive Writing Strategies – Tips & Techniques Used In Essay Writing

How many times have you tried to convince someone through writing, and he actually got convinced? Probably very less because persuading someone to do something is not an easy job, and if you were successful, you would not be here. Persuading someone requires the effective application of persuasive writing strategies. Yes, there are many strategies that help students write persuasively and convince their targets. Do you know about those tips and strategies that you can use in your essay writing and make it more persuasive?

As guessed, you know nothing about them. So, keeping this in mind, in today’s post, I am going to unpack the top persuasive writing strategies that can help you persuade someone easily through your written content and essays. Before that, let’s explain what persuasive essay writing is in academics.

What is persuasive essay writing?

Persuasive essay writing is one which attempts to get the reader to agree with your point of view. In this essay, as a writer, you give arguments and examples in support of your take on the issue and do not explore the other side of the essay topic. It does mean that you can persuade someone around any point. Your point or take on the essay topic should be logical and backed with proper reasons so that it can compel the reader to think about it and get persuaded. So, this is what persuasive essay writing is all about.

Top persuasive writing strategies for students

After reading the information above, you now have got a good idea of the meaning of persuasive writing. However, you still do not know the persuasive writing strategies that can help you make your reader convinced. So, in this part of today’s post, we will discuss those strategies. A brief description of the top strategies is as follows:

1. Establish trust and develop credibility

First things first, you must be able to establish the required level of trust among yourself and your readers. As persuasive writing involves connecting with the audience in an authentic way, you must develop credibility in your ideas and arguments. How can you maintain credibility? Yes, you can only maintain credibility by giving reference to the sources of your arguments. In this way, you can establish trust between yourself and your audience.

2. Understand the reader’s purpose and choose words accordingly

The second-best strategy for writing persuasive essays is to understand the reader’s purpose. Once you can crack this, you can do anything. The reason is that when you understand the purpose of your reader, your writing automatically starts diverging in that direction. The choice of words is very crucial in persuasive writing. Basically, it is the words that grab the attention of readers. So, use powerful, compelling vocabulary in your essay that does not give any other choice to your reader but to agree with your idea.

3. Ask questions from the audience

The third best way to write persuasively is to ask questions from your audience. The questions compel your readers to think about the topic and grab their attention to read the essay till the end. Formulating the right questions to ask is another challenge that many students face. So, to formulate good questions, you can either look for the strategies on the internet or go to essay writing services for academic assistance.

4. Write a clear thesis statement

A thesis statement is a statement which openly communicates your central theme to your readers. This statement is of utmost importance when you work on persuasive essay writing tasks. The reason is that it sets the scene and helps to grab the attention of the reader at the early stage of writing. In addition to this, it avoids any confusion generated in the minds of the reader about the essay topic. Hence, it is one of the effective persuasive writing strategies that you must follow.

5. Speak directly to the audience

From the discussion above, it is now clear that a strong relationship between the audience and the author of persuasive essay writing is mandatory. Without building this relationship, you just cannot convince your reader of your point of view and make him agree with your arguments. To achieve this, you must speak directly to the audience. It makes the writing feel more conversational and helps you convince the readers easily.


Conclusively, persuasive writing is all about persuading someone of your point of view on a particular topic. To do this, you have to follow a number of persuasive writing strategies. Some of the most effective strategies are mentioned above. By following those strategies, I guarantee you success in your next persuasive writing. So, follow them and start writing your essay now. If you require more tips, you can visit Google.

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