How to Draw a Lizard

How to Draw a Lizard

How to Draw a Lizard. There are many types of reptiles, from massive crocodiles to small lizards, and there is a huge amount of variety, even in the smaller species categories. With the lizards, you get big, like iguanas, and smaller domestic lizards that shake your home, eating annoying insects!

It is one of those small lizards that we will represent in this guide on how to draw a cartoon lizard. This face we will work on is super cute with many personalities, and these steps will draw a breeze! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing a Lizard

Step 1:

Even if we work on a cartoon representation in this guide on the way to draw a cartoon lizard, the proportions will always be quite accurate for the real thing. It will be true to the shape of the head, which we will start now. The head is very small and rounded, and the mouth will extend inside the head to form a big smile.

Your upper lip will be a bit clear, but it will always be slightly bent and rounded. Finish by adding a small rounded line over the head to the eyelid to add the bottom of the mouth.

Step 2:

The head plan is over, and we can start drawing the lizard’s body. First of all, we will pull the back of the lizard. It will extend from the base of the head and be quite curved. Then we will start the bottom of the lizard.

You can draw it by adding two short lines and curves from the bottom base of the head. After drawing these aspects as they appear in our reference image, we will go to step 3.

Step 3:

Now let’s add a leg and more belly to the cartoon lizard drawing. Let’s start with the leg. It goes straight to where the bottom lines of the neck you designed in the previous stage ended. It will be thicker at the base and a little thick, but you move.

The feet are very distinct, and the toes will be rounded at the end to show the suction sections. Then extend the lines below the neck in front of the leg to advance the belly.

Step 4:

We will continue to add legs to the lizard in this next step. These legs will be thrown at the top and bottom of the body, as shown in the reference image. For the top, we will especially see the foot. It will have the foot’s shape in the first step with the same rounded fingers.

The other leg goes to the bottom of the body and will be much more curved and rounded than the front leg. It is all there at the moment, and then we can continue!

Step 5:

Before adding additional details, we have one more leg to add to the cartoon lizard drawing. The foot in it will be a little more stretched than the previous ones so that the fingers of the fingers are longer and thinner.

Then we will end this step by extending the tail even more, using slightly curved lines. There will be a gap at the end of the tail, and we will fill it, as well as the last details in the next step.

Step 6:

How to Draw a Lizard

It’s time to finish this drawing before going to the last stage of the guide! First of all, we will add an eye to the lizard. The eye area will be large and rounded, and there will be an oval with a point inside the pupil. Then we will add curved eyebrows above the head to finish the facial expression.

The last thing to add will be the end of the tail and will be doubled in a spiral. Once added, we will be ready for the last step! You can also add additional details or background items you may like before you make it.

Step 7:

How to Draw a Lizard

We will close this guide on how to draw a cartoon lizard with some colors to give it life! In our reference image, we went with several shades of green so that the Lizard gives you a beautiful look, and you can choose similar colors if you like their appearance!

It depends entirely on you. However, you should feel free to use all the colors you love. By changing and experiencing your artistic tools and media, you can also create colors as bright or moderate as you want!

4 Other ways to draw a unique cartoon lizard

Discover these fun ideas that we have to make your cartoon drawing even better! Now that you know how to create this cartoon lizard drawing, you can add a friend to it! Lizards may be available in many colors and standards, so you have many options. The second Lizard can be placed in the same way or may be entirely different for a certain variety. What fun poses and scenarios would you like to create with a second friend, Lizard?

Lizards can crawl on many different surfaces, So if you wanted a background for this cartoon lizard, it would have many amazing options. It can be as simple as adding a texture of wood or brick behind the Lizard. You can use surfaces in your own home as inspiration for the background surfaces you can use. Or you can also opt for a more object-elaborated background structure and a landscape. Having the cartoon lizard in a window would be a great way to do it organically.

What are the antecedents you can create? Previously, we mentioned how you could add a second lizard to the cartoon lizard drawing. It is an approach, but you can also add other characters. For example, you can have small creatures like insects that the cartoon lizard can watch. Or, other small creatures, such as rats or birds, may lie with the Lizard.

Once you have the animals you want to include, they can be designed in a cartoon style similar to what we use for the cartoon lizard. Adding text to your lively lizard sketch cartoon would be another fun way to add life. It can take many forms, but a fun way to do this would be to add a discourse bubble above the Lizard. The only question would then be which text you knew. It can be a funny joke, a slogan, or perhaps an interesting fact about the lizards for some ideas.

Your cartoon lizard drawing is complete!

It concludes this guide on how to draw a cartoon lizard! These 7 steps are designed to show how fun it can be and easy to draw this bright lizard drawing, and we hope everyone will be very useful. This guide is also designed to give you much room for your creativity and ideas! 

We know it will be amazing if you add details or project a background. Then we are sure you want to accept a new drawing challenge, so you can consult our site for more guides. We have tons of guides ready to go more on the way, so we hope to see it soon!

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