Top 10 Benefits of Using  Virtual Event Platform 

Top 10 Benefits of Using  Virtual Event Platform 

Virtual event- an event that gives you the most imminent real-time experience of being a part of an on-ground event. Although it was there for years, it was treated as more of a tech giant prerogative. But as time changed and covid happened, it made virtual events the norm, rather than an exception. It was the elephant in the room that ironically everyone was talking about. 

Covid-19 helped virtual events gain their currency and understand the benefit a virtual event offers to every stakeholder that is involved directly or indirectly in it. Virtual events are open to almost every industry. For instance, the trade fair can be held through a virtual trade fair platform, a job fair through a virtual job fair services provider, and so on and so forth. Soon enough it paved the way for virtual event platforms to showcase their flair and propel in the marketplace. Here are some of the many benefits that virtual events platforms provide: 

The Major Benefits Of Virtual Event Platform


Pre-covid virtual events were tedious and lacked customization. So there was a need felt to improve the same and the virtual events platform seeped in with their virtual events solutions at the right time.  The most expert platforms help you with the possibility to completely customize any and every feature or functionality as per your requirements or preferences. These platforms offer enough customization to provide a top-notch experience to the one holding the event as well as to the attendees of the event which can be a factor for attendees to come again to any event that you’re holding. 

2. Branding

Embellishments, posters, and logos that help in the branding of a physical event come in handy in virtual events as well. Brand logos and posters can be used on the event page so that the attendees can articulate your company with the event. It will be intriguing for the attendees and not just plain and boring. The event can be a game-changer for many companies who are a part of the event as people are more curious when it comes to online events. They for once will go and click on the brand and see what it has to offer to the attendees. 

3. Networking

Virtual event platforms have given introverts the chance to do away with their shyness and be more confident in networking with people around by using polling to tweak some small yet meaningful conversations. It also helps in building professional relationships by hosting parties, meet-up places, etc. It has a global outreach and helps to cater to the hinterlands of many parts of any country. 

4. Sustainability

In a world where resources are scarce, virtual event solutions are a step in the right direction. It helps in reducing carbon footprint, as there is less travel, less pollution, and less carbon emission which leaves the environment sustainable for posterity. Virtual event platforms have made “TECH FOR GOOD” come true. Some million trees are cut down every year just to make business cards or pamphlets for events and just by going virtual, we’re doing away with the need for business cards for every attendee’s name displayed continuously on the screen. 

5. Technology

In a fast-paced world where technology is rapidly changing, virtual events software has come off as a boon. It provides you with an extension of the event even after it is completed. So even if you have missed some part of the event, you can just come back after the event is completed to see what was missed. Virtual events services never stop. They provide you with backend support round through the day. If you have any questions regarding the event, they are just a call away to provide you with the analytics, no. of people who attended, how was the response to the event, and what can be done better to increase the attendee rate. 

6. Inclusivity

United Nations have inclusivity as one of its sustainable development goals. Virtual event platforms bring it to life. By being more accessible, gender-neutral, and non-discriminatory, it is making virtual events more inclusive and accessible to people simultaneously. One can host multiple events like a fair, or a town hall through a virtual fair software where anyone can participate if they have an interest in the same regardless of where they come from, what their background is, or what religion they believe in. 

7. Engagement

It helps to boost engagement by introducing various methods of participation such as live polling, and Q&A round and providing certain gamification features to keep the audience engaged and participating at the same time. It leaves a good impression of the event on the minds of employees and can help them remember it for a long time because a virtual memory lasts longer than anything else. 

8. Outreach

The most intelligible and beneficial point of conducting an event virtually through virtual event software is the ever-increasing outreach that it gives, often transcending the boundaries set by physical events. It has an added benefit that connects you with the platform’s customer base as well to an extent. 

9. Cost-effective

As finance is the life-blood of an organization, virtual event services help the organization cut most of their cost as there is less traveling expense, accommodation, food, and travel expense, and the setup it provides for an event relatively to a physical event is a win-win situation for any organization looking to host a virtual event. 

10. Convenience

In a world that is refusing to stop and comfort has become a luxury, a virtual event platform provides everyone in the event to attend it at their convenience. You don’t have to worry about rolling your pants, shining your shoes, or have to be standing at a podium. Just sit on your couch and you’re good to go. And your dog can also be a part of it. Because who doesn’t love dogs? 

Summing Up

I doubt at times whether it is enough to stop here and not speak more about virtual events. For it has endless and overarching benefits which can’t be written but can only be experienced. And by the time you come reading this, I am sure that you’ve made up your mind to host your event virtually with the help of a virtual event platform.

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