Bit coin to Gift Card Ideas

Here are some great ideas  from manufacturers and shops where you can save money using Bit coin and crypto currency. I have indexed using categories.

Ecommerce with Bit coin

You can buy Amazon or BOL gift cards with Bit coin. In this way, you can use Bit coin to buy almost any product you can think of online. From electrical appliances such as TVs and smart phones, to furniture, books, clothing, and office supplies.

Digital Entertainment

Bit coin can be used to buy playing cards for the most important virtual leisure services, including video games, apps, trucks and video streaming. The current playing cards for music and video streaming are Spotify and Netflix. We use Bit coin for Google Play and the iTunes app store. Gamers also use Bit coin for popular games such as Steam and PlayStation (PSN), as well as fun activities such as World of War Craft and League of Legends.

Bit coin for Fashion and Clothing

Did you know you can use Bit coin for floral Ray-Ban sunglasses? Or should you apply some crypto to your new glowing Nike sneakers? Or why not put some crypto into a sleek outfit at banana republic? Next Crypto Meet up or look great at a Zoom convention call.

Sporting Goods & Apparel:

Have you ever thought about using virtual currency to stay fit? Use Bit coin to buy fancy new skis and surfboards, or great hiking shoes is needed. Or maybe Cole way’s new golf clubs? Want to check out these shops?

Surprise them with Bit coin

Bit coin started it all and remain the most famous asset on the market. The price of Pioneer’s crypto currency was down just 1 cent in 2010, a year after its launch. Currently, the price of 1 Bit coin (BTC) is around $49,000. In September 2021, the fee reached $67,000.

How to Present Bit coin

Send Bit coin in any denomination if you don’t recognize it I can do it. It doesn’t have to be 1/4 BTC or half. In short, if you buy BTC for $100, you get a very small fraction such as 0.00223, depending on the latest fees of crypto currencies. You can then send this amount to your loved one’s pocket.

 Follow these steps:


Set up Crypto Pocket: To buy and store crypto currency, you need Crypto Pocket. To install Pockets, you can create an account on a crypto currency exchange such as Coin base, U.S., KuCoin, Kraken. A transaction is a type of financial institution where you can buy or purchase.

 crypto currencies.

It can be centralized (CEX) or decentralized (DEX). The former is easy to apply and recommended for beginners, while the latter is private and anonymous. Which one you sign up for is up to you, but don’t forget her CEX if you’re just starting out.

Identity Verification:

Centralized trading is regulated. For this reason, you will be required to verify your identity by submitting your passport or national ID card during registration. DEXs, on the other hand, are unregulated and have no such requirements. After signing up, create a crypto wallet on the exchange and follow the instructions. 

BTC and send it to your pocket to deal

Once Crypto Pocket is installed, you can buy Bit coin. Doing this makes it look like the cipher is in your pocket. Then go to the “Transfer” section of the store and enter it in the recipient’s pocket. If you don’t have one, create one at an exchange or use a paper or hardware bag. After that, simply enter the amount of crypto you need to exchange and click “Send”. The NFT market is still in its infancy and is not yet main stream.

Why is it an appropriate crypto gift?

Simply put, an NFT is a bit of virtual reality stored on a block chain of choice.
Some NFTs advertise $12 or more, while others advertise hundreds or hundreds of thousands of dollars. You may wonder why people pay so much for art. There is no clear solution to this, but people are paying ridiculous amounts of money for NFTs. Well, that doesn’t mean all NFTs come out on top – in fact, most NFTs don’t. However, NFTs as gifts are special and creative. Even if the price doesn’t go up, it delivers a lot of sentimental prices.

How to present NFT

Set up pocket: If you need to present NFT, you and the recipient want to have crypto pocket. Make sure you have ETH in your pocket. Please note that these are not the same pockets you create with crypto currency trading.

NFT Transfer: 

Once your NFT is ready, select the option to send your assets to other pockets. Enter the recipient’s bag and click “Transfer”. It’s always correct to check the bag twice, because you can’t cross a transaction immediately after it’s completed.

Protect Your Crypto Assets When you buy

Crypto currencies on exchanges, you may lose money. Exchanges are interesting targets for hackers buying hundreds of thousands of dollars in crypto currencies. In 2020 alone, the trader lost $1.9 billion to his hack.

A Book About The Age Of Crypto currencies And Block chain

Crypto currency investing For Dummies: Amazon those who are not familiar with crypto currencies are missing out on many opportunities. If you have a friend who wants to become a crypto expert but doesn’t know where to start, gifting them a book about crypto currencies and block chain can help them get there.

The Basics of Bit coins and Block chains:
An Introduction to Crypto currencies and the Technology that Powers with Antony Lewis is a great start for anyone wanting to analyze the basics of the block chain age and how they work. And the way crypto currencies exist.

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